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3 Reasons We’re Excited About the Chicago EPiServer Roadshow Next Week

EPiServer Roadshow

Next Tuesday (April 21, 2015), the EPiServer Roadshow comes to Chicago, where Ektron and EPiServer customers will converge for the first time in a single event. With registration for the Roadshow at high levels, we are more excited than ever to hear from EPiServer about the latest updates to their products, but we’re also looking forward to listening to feedback from customers that span the spectrum of CMS users. Here are three reasons we are excited for the Roadshow next week:

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

As a partner for both EPiServer and Ektron, we receive a fair amount of information regarding the merger and product roadmap before the general public does. While we work to convey this information to the site owners who use these platforms, there can be a delay between when EPiServer makes an announcement and when we are able to communicate this information to our customers and convey any questions they might have back to EPiServer. For this reason, we are extremely excited to share in the experience, side-by-side, with the customers as EPiServer unveils their product roadmap. Having everyone together in person as these announcements are made will allow us to directly communicate with both EPiServer and our customers to make sure everyone’s questions are answered.

Meeting Users

We’re excited for the chance to chat with existing platform customers (specifically Ektron users), to understand how they feel the merger is effecting their near term and long term digital strategies. As we have previously discussed, many Ektron customers are wondering how they should proceed with their plans for this year, assuming they will need to migrate to the converged EPiServer product sooner rather than later. This roadshow will offer Ektron users the opportunity to discuss these strategies in person with not only WSOL but also members of the EPiServer executive team.

Face Time

While we have met many EPiServer team members and have shared phone conversations with members of their Executive Team, we have not met everyone in person. This event will offer the opportunity to do just that. Putting names to faces is extremely valuable, allowing us to work more effectively with EPiServer’s team and provide the best services for our customers.

The EPiServer Chicago Roadshow is next Tuesday, April 21st, starting at 2pm CST. For more information and to register, visit: We hope to see you there!

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Chris Osterhout
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