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5 Workflow Tips, Tricks, and Hacks From the Chicago HubSpot User Group


Each month, I thoroughly enjoy traveling into the city for meetups of the Chicago HubSpot User Group (a.k.a. #ChiHUG). There are laughs and introductions as groups of marketers and sales professionals cram into the elevator at TechNexus and head up to the 12th floor. We’re here. We’re ready to learn. And we’re ready to meet other professionals in the industry and HubSpot community.

Last night, I attended the second Chicago HubSpot User Group since its relaunch and new leadership under Stephanie Casstevens and Debra Monkman. With a new structure, including job hunting/hiring, less pressurized networking, and group work, the Chicago HUG is continuously selling out and packed!

The topic last night was workflows! After a thorough explanation of what they are, how to use them, and advanced techniques, we divided into groups and shared our experiences with using workflows in HubSpot. Whether people were just starting to explore them or were power users sharing their advanced techniques, it’s clear that workflows were a perfect topic choice for this Chicago HUG.

Based on last night’s HUG and my own experiences, here are 5 workflow tips, tricks and hacks:

5. Double check that you actually need a workflow instead of using a list

Workflows provide a lot of amazing opportunities, but sometimes what you may need might easily be solved using a list! For instance, our own Katelyn Ahern wrote a blog about how to use lists and smart CTAs to create a personalized experience. If you can accomplish your goals in a list without creating a complicated workflow, this can make your life simpler and easier. (Also, see reason #1.)

4. It’s possible, within workflows, to send an internal text message to a team member

Workflows don’t just have to be a series of emails sent to your contacts; you can add in other automated activities. This is a fun feature to explore, and it’s especially handy if you want your sales rep to be texted if there’s a potential new lead. Find out more here.

3. Remember to enroll your current contacts!

When creating a workflow, it’s especially important to enroll any contacts that are part of the starting criteria. Otherwise, you might end up with an awesome workflow that has nobody in it (ask me how I know this, I dare you).

2. Use a naming convention

Think carefully about how you name your workflows, making sure they are easy to comprehend and understand with a simple glance at the title. Better yet, if you don’t have a standard naming convention within HubSpot for your agency, create one and stick to it!

1. Have an end goal for your workflow

HubSpot Workflow Goal.png

What are you trying to accomplish with your workflow? You should always make sure you have clear intentions, such as driving conversions or closing sales. Setting a workflow goal in HubSpot allows you to hone in on the purpose of your nurturing workflow and track its effectiveness!

What are some ways that you can use workflows? If you’ve worked with them before, please share your tips with us in the comments below!

As always, attending the Chicago HUG was a great experience, and I’m glad I was able to connect with other HubSpotters and learn about how to get the most out of the platform. The next Chicago HUG session will take place at the end of June at their second location in Rosemont. I hope to see you there!

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Sarah Corley
Sarah Corley
Sarah works as a marketing specialist at WSOL where she helps clients put their best digital foot forward online. She has been the driving force in defining company culture at WSOL. As a co-leader of the Chicago HubSpot User Group, Sarah is dedicated to creating a community where developers, marketers and sales teams make the web a better place. She worked for Nestle Toll House on their campaign, Bake Some Good, as a national brand ambassador and even baked her way to set a Guinness World Record. She has Bachelor of Science degrees in graphic design, journalism and public relations.
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