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Dan Rose Recent Posts

Four Lesser-Known Benefits of Attending Industry Events

Do you make the effort to attend conferences and other events? Learn some of the benefits of doing so that you might not have considered.

What It’s Like to Be a Remote Employee

Learn answers to some of the common questions about working remotely, as well as some tips for getting the most productivity from working at home.

Using Element Collages to Improve the Design Process

WSOL's Design Team is continually refining our design process. Learn how Element Collages help us explore options to find the best design approach.

Exploring Inspiration with Visual Inventories

Learn how Visual Inventories can help you determine the best approach for designing your website.

How Do I Decide Which Webfont Service to Use?

We look at the advantages of the services available for providing webfonts for your website to help you decide which one is right for you.

The Case for Whitespace

Learn why you should fight the urge to cram as much information as possible on your page, and use whitespace to let it breathe instead.

Carousels and Sliders: What Are they Good for, Anyway?

We previously discussed how best to use sliders and carousels, but are they something we should actually be using in the first place?

What’s the Best Way to Use Carousels and Sliders?

Rotating homepage banners (a.k.a. sliders or carousels) are common on websites, but how useful are they, and what is the best way to use them?

The Scale of the Web

What determines the scale of which we design a site? We look at the trends of modern web design as it relates to the size of images and text.

Large vs. Small: Planning Your Responsive Site for Multiple Screens

When designing for responsive sites there can be many challenges, WSOL covers the top concepts to consider when you start designing your website content for a responsive site.

Designing for Large Screens

In a world where mobile has been hogging all the spot light,
WSOL has taken time to shine some light on the intricacies of designing for
large screens.

Part 2: The Design App of Yesterday

Not too long ago, we relied on Photoshop as the primary design software in our industry. Now that Responsive Web Design has introduced the need to get in the browser faster, is Photoshop a capable tool to keep around?

Greener Grass: Future or Current Web Design Apps?

There's been significant buzz around a few next-gen web design apps coming out. What are they and what workflow problems do they aim to solve?

Design Deliverable Du Jour

Responsive Web Design has certainly changed our web design processes. Equally important, it's changed what constitutes as an appropriate design deliverable. Thankfully, there's plenty to choose from, yet the secret is in how we season them.

Embrace the Scroll

The common "fold" is as mythical a creature as the elusive unicorn. We can pretend it's there and be hopelessly disappointed when we realize it's not. Understanding user behavior and multiple screen sizes are changing perceptions about scrolling.