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Dennis Kardys Recent Posts

A Web Design Glossary: 22 Common Terms Explained

We share and define 22 web design terms that are commonly used in the industry.

Project Management: Focusing on What You Can Control.

Project Management is a whirlwind of deadlines and communication. Focus on what you can control as PM to reduce stress, improve team and client happiness.

Web Accessibility, Section 508, and Your Web Project

Learn the need-to-knows of Website Accessibility, Section 508, and what your obligations are as a designer, developer or website manager.

Using Wayfinding to Design Intuitive Navigation

We look at how to implement the principles of wayfinding to help people intuitively navigate a website to find information and accomplish tasks.

Conference Recap - Prototypes, Process, Play 2016

Summary and sketch notes from presentations at the 2016 Prototypes, Process, Play Conference, a Chicago design leadership event.

Incremental Site Redesign: Your Website Is a City, Not a Car

We offer some valuable tips for maintaining your site and performing incremental improvements that will allow you to get the most value as it evolves over time.

Marketing Personas vs. Design Personas: What's the Difference?

We look at how to get the most out of the user personas you create by considering them from a marketing and/or design perspective.

Should I Do My Own Website Usability Testing?

We look at whether it is a good idea for website owners to perform their own user testing and offer some ideas for how to gain UX insights.

Using Whitespace In Design

How do you strike the right balance between too much and too little empty space on your website?

Mobile Dos and Don’ts

We share some tips on what to watch out for and what you should and shouldn't do when optimizing a mobile website.

Questions You Need to Address During Mobile Discovery

A list of the top questions you need to ask and things you need to consider when planning a discovery project or optimizing for mobile.

Developing Sustainable Design Systems

Thoughts on moving from page centric design to a modular system of components, and then developing a sustainable design system.

How Not to Use HTML Headings

Learn the correct way that both content authors and designers should use headings in online content.

When Separate Mobile Sites Make Sense

Is responsive design or a separate mobile site the best next step for your company? Let's look at a few scenarios when a separate mobile site may be in your best interest.

Modular Web Design: Designing With Components

Learn how utilizing modular design can increase design consistency, accommodate a wider variety of content, and streamline your workflow.