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Dennis Kardys Recent Posts

When Separate Mobile Sites Make Sense

Is responsive design or a separate mobile site the best next step for your company? Let's look at a few scenarios when a separate mobile site may be in your best interest.

Modular Web Design: Designing With Components

Learn how utilizing modular design can increase design consistency, accommodate a wider variety of content, and streamline your workflow.

When Bad Design Makes Sense

When elements of a design come together in harmony it feels like pure and total bliss. But as designers there are times when it’s our duty to work against our own intuition, and at the expense of our own bliss, because sometimes bad design decisions make good sense.

Structuring Navigation for Higher Education Websites

Managing the website for a higher education institution can be challenging when trying to meet the needs of diverse audiences. Start your site off right with the proper navigation for your audience.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Using Responsive Design Responsibly

Is Responsive Design always the best solution for mobile websites? We look at how it should and shouldn't be used.

Optimizing for Touch

There's a notion that optimizing for mobile means optimizing for touch- it's high time we decouple the two. Here are five touch friendly tips to get you started.

What is Complexity Creep, and How Can Web Designers Avoid it?

Sometimes, as more features are added to a site over time, it can become harder to understand for new users. Learn how to avoid this complexity creep from a designer's point of view.

Hiding and Simplifying Content

Often when trying to design simple interfaces, we have a tendency to want to hide information inside of panels and tabs. But be careful you aren't doing more harm than good. Here are some considerations for designing simple interfaces.

Kicking Off Your Mobile Project

If you're struggling to develop your mobile strategy, learn how to kick your project off right, build consensus within your team and pave confidently forward.

Beyond Multichannel

Your customer's form an impression of your brand based on their experiences across channels. With increasing expectations for anywhere anytime access to your products, services and support, I hope you're doing better than my post office!

How to Boost Page Performance: Image Compression Tips

There are many aspects of page loading times that are uncontrollable, but one part you can control is your images. Here are some tips to compress your images.

Dayparting: When Timing is Everything

WSOL offers their thoughts on the strategy behind dayparting, sending customized communication to your clients based on the time of day.

Common Web Design Myths

Although on the surface, design may seem like a simple task, there are many factors to consider when creating the best experience possible for users. Read on to find out four common web design myths.

Post Discovery Discovery

Discovery is often thought of as the first stage of a project, but learning shouldn’t begin and end there. By baking learning into your long-term workflow you can ensure you’re celebrating a site launch, not a site funeral.

10 Reasons to Go Mobile Now

We all know how important our company's mobile presence is, but it may be harder to convince your boss to spend the budget on mobile. Here are 10 Reasons to Go Mobile Now that are sure to convince your boss too.