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Doug Miller Recent Posts

April 2017 Video Marketing Roundup: Updates, Metrics, Ads, and More!

We look at the latest news in the world of video marketing, including new product updates and features, reviews, events, educational opportunities, and more!

Google Optimize: One More Tool to Learn About Content Communities

Google Optimize. What is it? Learn how to use this new tool to implement the scientific method and determine how to engage with your users.

March 2017 Video Marketing News Roundup: Brightcove/HubSpot and More!

We look at the latest news in the world of video marketing, including Brightcove's integration with HubSpot, interesting statistics, events, and more!

Facebook Is 13. Do You Know Your Social Business Content Strategy?

Do you have a social business content strategy? Does it involve all three aspects: paid, earned, and owned? What are some benchmarks for your Facebook paid ads to reflect?

February 2017 Video Marketing Roundup: Stats, News, and Best Practices

We take a look at some recent developments and noteworthy news items that affect the world of video marketing, including some helpful guides and best practices.

Insights On Twitter Chats and Content Marketing for Healthcare

Learn about the value of joining Twitter chats, with notes from a recent conversation about the health care industry's involvement in content marketing.

Discussing Subject Matter Expert Participation Challenges at WPCampus

The presentation “Spoonful of Content Sugar – Reducing Friction in Subject Matter Expert Participation” looks at ways to solve common HigherEd WordPress issues.

Will Live Video on Social Media Platforms Disrupt the Traditional Webinar?

Hosting a web-powered seminar or webinar used to be quite the complicated task, but these days, there are fewer issues. What might that mean for the future of the webinar?

Using Twitter Ads "Event Targeting" to Support Your Content Distribution Plan

We look at how to provide more value for your communities by targeting events with your promoted ads on Twitter.

Vidyard's Personalized Video Makes the Marketing Season Bright

We take a look at the impressive video personalization tools that Vidyard offers and discuss how to implement them in your own content strategy.

How To Learn Better Marketing Strategy from Successful Startup Stories #HeresHow16

We share the lessons learned from attending the #HeresHow16 event, which featured some great marketing success stories from startups in the Chicago area.

SLACK, Facebook Workplace, Microsoft Teams, “Walled Gardens” & Content Marketing

We look at SLACK from a content marketing point of view, examining how we can find entry to 'walled garden' communities.

Learning Lessons About Successful Blogging by Getting Nostalgic about Blogs

We share some of the memories and insights our panelists offered in our webinar about Blogging ROI. Please share your own examples in the comments!

4 Easy Tips for Measuring the Performance of Your Blog

We had the chance to look at the ways recent changes have had an impact on what organizations need to look at when it comes to measuring the success of a blog.

Optimizing Your Video Content for YouTube Search

YouTube is the world's 2nd largest search engine, so it's important to optimize YouTube content for search. We offer some valuable tips on how to do so.