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Joe Mayberry Recent Posts

An Ektron Developer in an Episerver World

What's it like to be an Ektron developer who transitions to Episerver website development? We look at the exciting possibilities Episerver provides.

Building a Website Is Like Doing the Laundry

It might not seem like an obvious comparison, but we explain the similarities between these wildly different activities.

Invasion of the Remoties!

At WSOL, our remote employees are an integral part of our team, including when they visit the main offices.

Set Your Phasers to Stunning

Star Trek has given us a lot of great ideas about the future, including how we design websites.

What to Look For in a CMS: A Developer's Perspective

If you're looking at your options for which CMS platform to use for your website, here's how to weigh your options from the perspective of a web developer.

The Complexity of Simple

Keeping your website simple is one of the best ways to improve your users' experience, but doing so can be more complex than you might think.

How a Rubber Duck Taught Me to Be a Better Programmer

Programming is complicated, but sometimes inspiration can come from unlikely sources. Learn about an unorthodox tool for developers: the rubber duck.

Can a Silver Bullet Save a Unicorn?

Learn why it's better to use the best available tools and technologies to meet your website's goals rather than trying to chase perfection.

Structured Content in a Free-Form World

How do you find a balance between structured and free-form content? Find out what one developer has learned after years of experience.

Beyond the Box: Extending the Ektron CMS

The Ektron CMS is a powerful tool for running enterprise websites, and from a developer's perspective, there is little you can't do with it.

The Mobile Dilemma: How Can You Make Your Existing Site Mobile?

If you want to make your existing website compatible with mobile devices, here are some things you need to consider.

Your Website Goes Vroom!

Designing a website is a big project that involves a lot of people. Learn about how WSOL approaches a web design and development project.

An Inside View from devLink 2013

Get an inside view of devLink 2013 including thoughts on the sessions, speakers and key takeaways.

If I Knew Then What I Know Now: Ektron Developer Tips

Looking back at the past six years that I have been working on the Ektron CMS platform, there are many things I know now that I wish I would've known back then. Here are the top five things I wish I would've know six years ago.


Inspired by a video of Ethan Marcotte's presentation "The Map Is Not The Territory", WSOL attempts to define what "THE WEB IS...".