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Mark Millette Recent Posts

Using CAPTCHA to Block Spam and Bots On Your Website

Learn how to use CAPTCHA to prevent spam on your website by verifying that users are human, rather than robots.

Utilities for Handling Disk Fragmentation in Linux

Disk fragmentation can be an issue even for Linux servers. We look at some utilities that can resolve fragmentation issues.

How to Move Your WordPress Site to a cPanel Account

Learn how to take advantage of Linux hosting with a cPanel control panel for your WordPress site with this step by step migration guide.

The Latest Online Security Issue: What Are Shellshock and Bash?

Learn about the Shellshock bug, a recently-discovered security flaw that affects a huge number of web servers, and what it means for your website.

When Was the Last Time You Changed Your Password?

You've probably heard about the latest online security breach. Have you changed your password lately? Here's why you should do so.

Internal vs. External: What’s the Best Choice for Intranet Hosting?

Companies that use an intranet need to choose between internal and external hosting. We help you weigh the options.

8 Must-Have WordPress Plugins, Plus a Bonus WordPress Tip!

There are thousands of WordPress plugins available for customizing your site; these are some of the essentials. Plus: a bonus configuration tip!

Why Should You Use WHM and cPanel for Linux Servers?

Learn about the management options WSOL provides for the Linux servers which we host.

Enterprise Hosting: Why use Virtualization?

Server Virtualization can enhance many of your website's hosting capabilities. Find out why virtualization could be right for you.