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Nick Melville Recent Posts

Skeleton Screens: Giving Body to Your Content

WSOL's Nick Melville shares how Skeleton Screens are used to enhance the user experience while a page loads.

Gathering Requirements in an Agile World

WSOL's Nick Melville shares the importance of gathering various requirements in an Agile project.

The Benefits of jQuery in Front-End Website Development

Learn how web developers can use jQuery to create website functionality that functions smoothly and is easy to update.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG): The Whats, Wheres, Whys, and Hows

Images on websites have traditionally used raster graphics such as GIF, JPEG, or PNG types. With high density displays and responsive web design necessitating more flexibility, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files offer better way to decorate the user interface.

Here's Why You Should Inline Critical CSS to Reduce Load Time

There are two aspects that affect webpage load time; the time it takes the server to respond/deliver the code, and the time it takes the browser to render it.

How to Keep Your Ektron and Episerver Projects Looking Sharp

Our teams use a lot of tools and techniques to build, repair, strategize, and analyze. We want your web project to run seamlessly, look sharp on any device and present your company as industry leaders.

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

We look at how Progressive Web Apps can provide an enhanced experience for mobile users without the need for installing a separate app.

How Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Can Improve Website Performance

We look at how the technology behind Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages Project can be used to create sites that load quickly for mobile users.

4 Rules Designers Should Follow to Create Great Responsive Web Design

We look at what web designers should keep in mind when designing websites to be accessible to users across every device and screen size.

Resolving Mobile Usability Errors in Google Webmaster Tools

Learn how to diagnose and resolve issues with mobile usability that may be negatively affecting your website's search rankings.

Henry Ford and Responsive Frameworks

Responsive Frameworks provide a way to quickly build responsive websites, but are they the best solution?

Free Your Content: Formatting Your Website For Responsive Design

What is the best strategy for formatting your website's content to be presented properly across an ever-increasing number of devices and screen sizes?

Responsive Design Vs. Inadequate Browsers

WSOL addresses the challenges of Responsive Design and creating the best possible experience, no matter which browser the viewer is using.

A Progressive Enhancement Case Study: Power Orbs

Optimizing a website's accessibility isn't just about Responsive Web Design. Progressive Enhancement and Graceful Degradation are key techniques to include in any design project.