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Tom Bennett Recent Posts

Monitoring Your AWS Cloud Services With Amazon CloudWatch

We look at how Amazon CloudWatch provides administrators with detailed reports and alarms for their Amazon Web Services properties.

Using Datadog For Cloud Scale Monitoring With Amazon Web Services

We look at how Datadog provides powerful monitoring tools for Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources and applications.

Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

The latest version of Windows has been released, but should you upgrade? We look at the question from an IT perspective.

How To Keep a DoS Attack From Bringing Down Your Website

Learn how to prevent Denial of Service attacks that hackers can use to target a website.

Using DCIM to Monitor and Optimize Your Data Center

Learn about the importance of using Data Center Infrastructure Management to monitor your data center and keep it running efficiently.

Dedicated Hosting vs. Virtual Private Hosting

When it comes to hosting a website, the options can be overwhelming. We discuss a fundamental choice: whether to use Dedicated or Virtual Hosting.

Avoiding Spaghetti Syndrome: Managing your Data Center’s Cabling

It's important to keep your data center organized, including the cables that connect everything together. Here are some tips for managing your cabling infrastructure.

Why Do I Need an SSL Certificate?

Without understanding what an SSL Certificate is, it may be hard to realize why this is so important for your website. In this blog WSOL will cover both of those topics.