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Establishing Visual Continuity on Social Media [Infographic]

As social media platforms continue to expand, it’s important to make sure your brand is aesthetically consistent from platform to platform. Recently, we completed a social branding audit. During this process, we discovered that inconsistencies can happen (and that’s okay!). Correcting these variations will help audiences easily recognize your account, no matter the social platform. Take a look below for some tips to help establish visual continuity on social media platforms:

Establishing Visual Continuity on Social Media

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Sarah Corley
Sarah Corley
As a Marketing Specialist, Sarah works with clients to deliver solid results by implementing inbound marketing strategies, including analytics, keyword research, and social media strategy. She also works for Nestle Toll House on their #BakeSomeGood campaign as a baker and brand ambassador. She has Bachelor of Science degrees in graphic design, journalism, and public relations. Her latest claim to fame is becoming a Guinness World Record holder.
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