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Case Study: 3 Times to Leverage User Testing for Web Design Decisions

You understand that user research is a good thing to do, but maybe you are not totally convinced that you should do user research for your own work.

Using Proto-Personas To Focus On User Needs In Website Design

During the Discovery phase of a website redesign project, we develop proto-personas to delve into specific user scenarios and behaviors.

WSOL’s Mini UX Review Empowers You to Improve Your Site’s Usability

WSOL's Mini UX Review provides a look at anything that might be impacting your site’s usability and help you understand how to resolve these issues.

Questions You Need to Address During Mobile Discovery

A list of the top questions you need to ask and things you need to consider when planning a discovery project or optimizing for mobile.

The Power of Mobile-First Paper Prototyping

Learn how using paper prototyping during the Discovery phase of a website redesign project helps clients understand how their website will appear on mobile devices.

5 Reasons Why Website Redesign RFPs Fail

Learn why a Request For Proposal isn't the ideal way to find a digital agency partner, and how WSOL's services can provide a better solution.

When Should You Do Usability Testing?

Learn how performing user testing throughout a website redesign project can help designers create the best user experience for a website.

User Testing: Reconciling What People Say and What They Do

People aren't always completely honest in user testing, often through no fault of their own. We look at how to get the best insights anyway.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Switch to a New CMS?

Learn how you can determine whether switching CMS platforms will improve your website's ROI.

3 Ways Discovery Can Save You Money

Learn how Discovery can not only help you determine how to improve your website, but also save money for your company.

Discovery Can Improve Not Just Your Website, But Your Entire Company

Learn why Discovery is essential not just for planning a website redesign, but for improving communication and collaboration throughout your company.

3 Reasons Discovery Might Not Lead to the Best Results

Learn how to make sure the findings and goals from the Discovery phase of a project remain relevant throughout the entire process.

Redesign or Rebuild? Which Does Your Website Need?

You might think you just need to do a visual redesign of your site, but do you need to dig deeper and rebuild the site's code?

3 Common Questions About Website Redesigns

At WSOL, we speak to clients about website redesigns every day. Here are some questions that we hear regularly.

Wary of a Full Site Redesign? Try Strategic Iterative Improvements

If you're not quite ready to invest the time and money in redesigning your entire site, consider this alternate approach.