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3 Reasons Discovery Might Not Lead to the Best Results

Learn how to make sure the findings and goals from the Discovery phase of a project remain relevant throughout the entire process.

Redesign or Rebuild? Which Does Your Website Need?

You might think you just need to do a visual redesign of your site, but do you need to dig deeper and rebuild the site's code?

3 Common Questions About Website Redesigns

At WSOL, we speak to clients about website redesigns every day. Here are some questions that we hear regularly.

Wary of a Full Site Redesign? Try Strategic Iterative Improvements

If you're not quite ready to invest the time and money in redesigning your entire site, consider this alternate approach.

Exploring Inspiration with Visual Inventories

Learn how Visual Inventories can help you determine the best approach for designing your website.

What is Complexity Creep, and How Can Web Designers Avoid it?

Sometimes, as more features are added to a site over time, it can become harder to understand for new users. Learn how to avoid this complexity creep from a designer's point of view.

Your Website Goes Vroom!

Designing a website is a big project that involves a lot of people. Learn about how WSOL approaches a web design and development project.

What You Need to Understand Before Embarking on a Site Redesign

You might think you're ready to redesign your website, but first you need to look beyond its surface. Let us help you learn how.

Kicking Off Your Mobile Project

If you're struggling to develop your mobile strategy, learn how to kick your project off right, build consensus within your team and pave confidently forward.

Post Discovery Discovery

Discovery is often thought of as the first stage of a project, but learning shouldn’t begin and end there. By baking learning into your long-term workflow you can ensure you’re celebrating a site launch, not a site funeral.

7 Reasons Why You Need Discovery

When an agency suggests investing in Discovery for your web project, you may be thinking, "What's the point?". But Discovery is a critical step toward paving your project's success. Here are seven reasons why!

Common Misconceptions about Designing Websites

that you are not your website user seems like common sense. But being
able to set aside your own preferences and think about things from your
audience’s perspective is more challenging than it sounds.

Why Discovery is Essential

A guide to building a blueprint to help make your website design project a success.