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The Power of Mobile-First Paper Prototyping

Learn how using paper prototyping during the Discovery phase of a website redesign project helps clients understand how their website will appear on mobile devices.

5 Reasons Your Mobile Sales Are Suffering

We look at some reasons your site might not be getting the mobile sales it should be and how to fix them.

Resolving Mobile Usability Errors in Google Webmaster Tools

Learn how to diagnose and resolve issues with mobile usability that may be negatively affecting your website's search rankings.

The SEO Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly Website

Google will soon consider mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor for search. Learn how this will affect your website.

When Separate Mobile Sites Make Sense

Is responsive design or a separate mobile site the best next step for your company? Let's look at a few scenarios when a separate mobile site may be in your best interest.

Understanding the Limitations of a Responsive Retrofit

A responsive retrofit can be a solution to implement responsive design without doing a full website redesign, but be sure to understand the limitations.

Debunking Common Myths About Responsive Design

Many people have misconceptions about what Responsive Design is and what it isn't. We clear up some of the common myths surrounding the subject.

What I’ve Learned from Performing Cross-Browser Testing

Testing a website across multiple browsers is an important part of the Quality Control process. Here are some helpful tips for cross-browser testing.

How Breadcrumbs Can Improve a Website’s User Experience

Learn how breadcrumbs are an essential tool to help users navigate a site, find the information they need, and understand how it is structured.

Optimizing for Touch

There's a notion that optimizing for mobile means optimizing for touch- it's high time we decouple the two. Here are five touch friendly tips to get you started.

The Mobile Dilemma: How Can You Make Your Existing Site Mobile?

If you want to make your existing website compatible with mobile devices, here are some things you need to consider.

Should Content Be Structured Differently for Mobile Websites?

We address the question of whether content should be structured differently for mobile websites. Hint: It shouldn't be.

Kicking Off Your Mobile Project

If you're struggling to develop your mobile strategy, learn how to kick your project off right, build consensus within your team and pave confidently forward.

Is Mobile-First Truly Dead? Don’t Be Ridiculous!

Current internet buzz says that mobile-first is dead, and companies should be focusing on platforms instead. Learn why we think this isn't the case.

Why Cross-Browser Testing is an Important Part of QC

During the Quality Control phase of a web design and development project, cross-browser testing is vital. Find out why and how to implement this test.