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Optimizing Your Video Content for YouTube Search

YouTube is the world's 2nd largest search engine, so it's important to optimize YouTube content for search. We offer some valuable tips on how to do so.

More Characters, More Insights: Looking at Google’s Latest Updates

We look at the latest additions and improvements that Google has brought to Google AdWords and Google Analytics and how to get started using them.

Google Alert: Pop Up Ads on Sites May Impact Your Search Rankings

We look at Google's upcoming change, which will affect sites that use interstitial pop up ads. Read on to make sure you aren't penalized in search rankings!

Dominate Local Search By Following These 5 Local SEO Trends

We look at 5 ways that local business owners can make sure they are being found in local searches.

3 Reasons Your Competition Is Beating You in Local Search Results

Are you making any of these mistakes that might be causing you to receive lower rankings in local search results?

The Machines are Coming! Google RankBrain, AI, and SEO

We look at how RankBrain, Google's artificial intelligence algorithm, is changing the world of SEO and offer tips for how to achieve the best search rankings.

SEO Strategies: Choosing the Best Sitemap Solution for Your Site

A sitemap is an important part of a site's SEO strategy. We look at the three methods of generating a sitemap for your site and weigh the pros and cons of each.

Making the Most of Google’s New and Upcoming Changes

We look at the exciting new changes that Google will be rolling out to Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and search later this year.

How Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Can Improve Website Performance

We look at how the technology behind Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages Project can be used to create sites that load quickly for mobile users.

Changes to Google’s SERPs: Don’t Panic!

Google recently changed the way search results and ads are displayed on their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). We discuss what that means for you.

Using the New Google Webmasters Website to Make Your Site Successful

We look at the new Google Webmasters website and how it can help site owners achieve the best search rankings.

Google Kicks Off 2016 With Some SEO Shakeups

We look at the updates Google made to their search algorithms at the beginning of 2016 and what this means for your search rankings.

Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines: Now With Mobile!

We look at what we can learn about SEO from the latest version of Google's Search Quality Rating Guidelines.

Google Penguin Goes Real-Time: Getting Ready for the Next SEO Shakeup

We look at the latest update to Google's search algorithm and how it will affect your website's search rankings.

How to Get the Best Mobile Search Rankings

We look at the valuable insights into mobile search provided by the Mobile Search Ranking Factors 2015 report.