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Brad McDavid Recent Posts

Why I Developed DotNetStarter

WSOL's Brad McDavid the history behind why he developed DotNetStarter and how to use it.

Setting up Migrations for Episerver AspNetIdentity

With a Migrations/Configuration.cs file in place, the package manager console command add-migration can be used to update changes to the user model in Episerver

Creating Episerver NuGet Packages

Episerver has a great developer community with excellent, helpful folks. Many of these wonderful people also author community NuGet packages for Episerver which provide multiple functionalities. In this post, we're going to discuss some components of how to make a NuGet package.

Upcoming Vulcan Changes for Episerver 11

We explore some of the upcoming Vulcan changes that integrate more seamlessly with Episerver 11.

Apache's Lucene Search At A Glance

Search is a critical component of a website that can go beyond a simple search box with results. Today, we look at Apache's free and open sourced Lucene search.

Making Razor Layouts More Flexible for Episerver

Episerver community provide developers with great starter sites on GitHub or the Episerver CMS Visual Studio Extension, but for flexible Razor layouts,

Getting Started Using Vulcan Search in Episerver

We offer detailed instructions for how to set up Vulcan search in Episerver, which will index Episerver CMS content to Elasticsearch.

Improving Episerver Search With Vulcan 2.0

We take a look at the search features that the Vulcan 2.0 provides for Episerver developers.

Improving Episerver's Content Editing Experience Through Validation

We look at the benefits of validation in Episerver and how developers can use it to save themselves and content editors a lot of headaches.

Streamlining the Content Editing Experience with Episerver

We look at how Episerver allows developers to customize the editing interface and streamline the process of content creation.

Implementing Episerver Forms: A Developer’s Guide

We offer a guide for developers who want to implement the Episerver Forms add-on, which provides a great deal of flexibility and customization for site owners.

How to Set Up Visual Studio Online for Continuous Deployments

We offer a step by step description of how to set up projects in Visual Studio Online for teams using continuous deployments of code.

Building a Better Design/Development Workflow

We look at how WSOL handles version control and deployment when working on a website design and development project.

Integrating HubSpot into Your EPiServer Website

Learn about the features that the HubSpot-EPiServer Connector provides to integrate your MAP and CMS and create personalized content.

Using EPiServer’s Scheduled Jobs to Automate Website Tasks

EPiServer's scheduled jobs provide website owners and developers with robust, customizable functionality to complete automated tasks.