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The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post [Infographic]


At WSOL, we often discuss the importance of Inbound Marketing in engaging your audience, and blogging is a hugely important part of that process. We all know that we need to blog regularly, but how can we be sure that our blogs are providing the most value to our audience and encouraging them to engage and share with our content? 

Our friends at Salesforce Canada have created the following infographic that delves into everything that makes a perfect blog, including crafting an attention-grabbing headline, formatting the copy in an appealing manner, and including a CTA that tells people what to do next. 

If you have any questions, or if you want to know more about how to implement a successful inbound marketing strategy, please contact us.

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Anatomy of a Blog Post

Via Salesforce

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Matt Brady
Matt Brady
When working at WSOL Matt was our Content Specialist and was responsible for managing our blogging and social media efforts. He compiled, edited, published, and shared WSOL's content, bringing his expertise in writing, spelling, and grammar to keep our content creation efforts on a consistent schedule. He also worked with Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and HubSpot to provide our clients with the marketing data that they needed to reach their audience online. Matt enjoys watching movies and TV, reading comics and science fiction, and playing with his children. He maintains a sporadically-updated blog, where he posts reviews of comics and movies.
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